Radiolink T8FB 2.4GHz 8CH TX with R8EF RX


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Frequency 2,4 Ghz
Channels 5 - 10

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2000 Meters Control Distance

T8FB(BT), with the same FHSS algorithm of AT9S Pro and 67 channels pseudo-random frequency sequence hopping, the chip TI CC2500(same as the Open TX Frsky X9D) and the transmission rate (which three times faster than Open TX), achieving the better anti-interference ability to both the same frequency band and different frequency bands.
The control distance of T8FB is 2000 meters(1.24Miles) in air.

0.5us Gimbal Precision

The optimal design of the PCB layout ensures maximum PWM jitter of 1.84us with a standard of just 0.5us. It is 14 times better than regular jitter 7us of the mainstream 16-channel transmitter in the market. The same joysticks components as AT9S Pro.

USB Upgrade
APP Parameter Setup

Parameters can be easily set up and modified with Android or iOS mobile phone APP connected via Bluetooth.
Parameters also can be set up by computer tools connected via USB cable.
USB upgrades with new functions added and keeps T8FB(BT) always advanced.
Countless sets of model data can be stored.

* T8FB(BT) firmware upgrade software is compatible with win7, win8, win10, and XP OS.
* Parameter setup APP supports both Android and iOS.
* The App displayed language will automatically set as the mobile.

Real-time Built-in Telemetry

Real-time model data feedback function allows users to receive the transmitter voltage and RSSI information.
When paired with receiver R8FG, R8F or R7FG, the model voltage will display on the mobile phone APP.

Output RSSI Value From Receiver To FPV Monitor
Real-time RSSI Telemetry When Racing

Programmable Mix Control

Channels five through eight can be programmed to any advanced setting
Flight modes are set with the two 3-way switches in the flight controller PIX by default.
Even beginners can enjoy T8FB without a manual.

Adapts to Multiple Models

Adaptable models include Fixed Wing, Glider, Multicopter, Car, Boat, and Robot.
Transmitter automatically switches layout depending on the selected mode.
The receiver with 21cm (8.27”) antenna is also perfect for easy RC boat control.Compatible with Multiple Receivers
SBUS/PPM/PWM Supported

Standard receiver R8EF supports SBUS, PPM, and PWM signals output, no need for extra cables or any signal converter, reducing the weight of aircraft.
When outputting the SBUS and PPM signals, channel 3 to 8 can also output corresponding PWM signal at the same time and work with the T8S turn switch to control PTZ and landing gear. With the T8S in hand to have all functions, R/C fans can fully enjoy with fun!

Anti-polarity Connect Protection

The voltage protection software technology of RadioLink ensures both transmitter and receiver are protected from a reverse polarity connection.

Low Consumption of Battery

Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS) keeps the operating current of T8FB less than 80mA.
With a 3S 1800mAh LiPo battery in T8FB(BT), the RC fun lasts more than 20 hours.

Wide Operating Voltage Tolerance

Wide Operating Voltage Tolerance?4.8V~18V
Universal JST connector allows T8FB(BT) easily adapted for various battery layouts: 4pcs AA batteries or a 2S-4S LiPo or 18650 Lithium battery.
Pay attention: if you use a 18650 Lithium to power for T8FB, please make sure the 18650 Lithium is with a JST connector and the dimension of the battery case is 115(L)*35.5(W)*24(H)mm (4.53"*1.4"*0.94")

Inherits Industrial Design

Designed by the same professional company of AT9S Pro, T8FB(BT) is the perfect choice for RC fun with innovation and independent design concept.

T8FB  Specifications
T8FB(BT) size: 173*102*206mm (6.8”*4”*8.11”)
R8EF size: 41.5*21.5*11.5mm (1.63” *0.85” *0.45”)
Weight (with R8EF): 0.47kg?13.05oz)
Output Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band?2400MHz~2483.5MHz?
Modulation Mode: GFSK        
Channel Bandwidth: 400KHz
Channel Pacing: 1200KHz               
Spread Spectrum: FHSS, 67 channels pseudo-random frequency hopping
Adjacent Channel Rejection: >36dBM
Transmitter Power: <100mW (20dBM)
Reception Sensitivity: -104dBM         
Transmission Rate? 38kbps
PWM Output Range: 1.0ms~2.0ms        
Section precision: 4096, 0.5us per section
Cycle: 15ms/per frame
T8FB(BT) operating voltage: 4.8V~18V      
T8FB(BT) operating current: <80mA
R8EF operating voltage: 3-15V    
R8EF operating current: 38mA-45mA@5V
Compatible receivers: R8EF(Std), R8FM, R8SM, R8XM, R8FG, R8F, R7FG, R6FG, R6F, R4FGM, R4F
Operating Temperature? -20° to 85° C (-4° to 185° F)

R8EF  Specifications
Size: 41.5*21.5*11.5mm (1.63” *0.85” *0.45”)
Weight: 7g (0.25oz)
Channels Qty: 8 channels
Operating Voltage: 3-15V
Operating Current: 38-45mA@5V
Section Precision: 4096, 0.25us per section
Control distance: 2000 meters (1.24Miles) in the air (Maximum range tested in unobstructed areas free of interference and may vary depending on local regulations).
Compatible transmitter: T8S/T8FB/RC8X/RC6GS V3/RC4GS V3/RC6GS V2/RC4GS V2/RC6GS/RC4GS

T8FB Packing List
Hook and Spring*1
User Manual*1
Packing Box*1



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