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Futaba T18SZ Potless V2.0 with R7014SB


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Frequency 2,4 Ghz
Channels More than 10

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Welcome to the professional class...! With the Futaba T18SZ computer remote control system, you have all conceivable professional options at your disposal. The large colour touch display guarantees perfect operation of the clearly arranged transmitter software. The T18SZ supports the established transmission types T-FHSS, FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS. The 18 channels offer the transmitter an almost unlimited range of applications.
The transmitter is fully equipped with 6 trim sensors, 8 switches, 2 rotary encoders and 2 slide sensors positioned at the rear. All controls are ergonomically arranged and can be operated perfectly in flight. The ball bearing mounted joystick units impress with their precision and unique adjustability. Each stick function also has a digital trim. The Futaba T18SZ is also equipped with an S.BUS and headphone jack as well as a trainer/DSC socket.
POTLESS joystick. The innovative POTLESS joysticks V3 scan the movement of the joysticks without contact and therefore absolutely wear-free. While a potentiometer always has a pick-up that slides over a layer of carbon, POTLESS joysticks V3 have no mechanical contact between the joystick (magnet) and the signal pick-up (magnetic sensor) during the sensing of the joystick movements.
The transmitter is equipped with professional software for powered aircraft, gliders, helicopters and drones (multicopter) as standard. The menu guidance is available in 9 languages. The SD card reader integrated in the transmitter allows model and telemetry data to be stored and firmware updates for the transmitter to be installed.
The model data from the remote control systems FX22, FX30, FX32, FX36, T12FG, T14SG and T16SZ can be read in directly without a PC converter. Using the model data converter v2.2, the model data from the T18MZ can be converted to the T18SZ on the PC.
Go for Futaba T18SZ - Sky is the Limit...!

    · Professional 18-channel remote control system with FASSTest & T-FHSS 2.4 GHz technology
    · Billet units with RIPMAX Potless ULTIMATE technology
    · Model selection, internal memory for 30 models, can be expanded as required via SD card
    · Model / user name up to 15 characters
    · Modulations switchable between FASST, FASSTest, S-FHSS, T-FHSS
    · Embroidery mode 1-4 convertible
    · Menu navigation in 9 languages
    . 4.3 inch color touch screen 480 x 272 pixels
    · Telemetry with voice output via loudspeaker, optionally headphones
    · 18 operating elements: 6 trim controls, 8 switches, 2 rotary controls, 2 side controls, all freely assignable
    . Power supply via FT2F2100B LiFe battery (2100mAh)
    · Graphic servo monitor to display all servo travels with servo test function
    · Future-proof thanks to the update capability via SD card
    · Extensive timer and calendar functions
    · Vibration alert
    . S.Bus port with power support, for programming and registering S.Bus products
    · 8 flight modes per model memory like T18MZ, can be combined with logic function
    · 10 free programmers
    · AFR 3 modes, up to 17 points
    · 13 wing types, 3 tail units, 8 swashplate types are available
    · Fully equipped helicopter menu with swash ring, governor, servo travel and speed compensation, throttle limiter
    · 3 curve modes for throttle / pitch, up to 17 points possible
    · Fully equipped sailor menu with 13 types of wings, 3 tail units
    · Extensive mixer selection for sailors and engine models such as T18MZ
    · Freely configurable teacher / student channel assignment, individual or mixed operation

Potless ULTIMATE technology
· Latest Potless ULTIMATE joystick technology
· Contactless scanning of the joystick movement
· Very high resolution with 4,096 steps
· Noticeably better responsiveness
· Virtually no more measurable latency
· Insensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations
· Absolutely wear-free
· Maximum precision in connection with the double ball-bearing Futaba billet units

Technical data
Transmission type: FASSTest / FASST / T-FHSS / S-FHSS
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
Channels: 18
Transmitting power: 100 mW EIRP
Voltage range: 6.0-6.6 V,
Weight: 1,175 g
Dimensions: 190 x 203 x 72 mm


  • T18SZ transmitter
  • Potless V3 joysticks
  • Receiver R7014SB
  • Transmitter battery LiFe 2100 mAh
  • 230V plug charger 800mA
  • Futaba carrying strap, orange
  • High Current Switch Cables
  • Screwdriver Tool
  • Instructions



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