Radiolink AT9S Pro 2.4GHz 10/12CH TX with DSSS&FHSS RX


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Frequency 2,4 Ghz
Channels More than 10

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DSSS and FHSS Hybrid Spread Spectrum

DSSS* and FHSS* hybrid spread spectrum, 16 channels pseudo-random frequency hopping, and QPSK* modulation ensures excellent anti-interference performance, highly constant, and stable transmission signal present on all 12 channels of AT9S Pro.

The actual control distance of AT9S Pro is 3400 meters air.

These features allow the AT9S to produce a highly constant and stable transmission signal present on all 12 channels.

* Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum transmissions multiply the data by a "noise" signal. This noise signal is a pseudorandom sequence of 1 and -1 at a frequency higher than that of the original signal.
* Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum offers three main advantages: signals are highly resistant to narrowband interference, are difficult to intercept and can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with minimal interference.

CRSF Protocol Supported

Using proprietary communication technology of RadioLink, DSSS and FHSS hybrid spread spectrum, as a foundation, we have added the CRSF* protocol from the TBS.
AT9S Pro is compatible with TBS Crossfire.
CRSF is a proprietary TBS communication protocol between the Crossfire and R/C and Flight Control. It provides ultra-low latency with incredible bandwidth (3x faster, 6x more data than any comparable protocol.

Top Configuration

The MCU (microcontroller unit) is STM32F103VET6 (32bits ARM 72MH Basic Frequency, 512K Flash Capacity, 12bits ADC).
TI CC2533 from the US is used as the wireless chip.
QPSK modulation helps ensure stable control.

Transmitter Quickly Adapts to All Types of Aircraft

Easy to understand user software makes quick work of change aircraft types.
Adaptable models include Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, Glider, Multicopter, Car, Boat, and Robot.
Transmitter automatically switches layout depending on the selected mode.

SBUS, PPM, PWM and CRSF Signals Support

With the DSSS&FHSS protocol, SBUS, PPM, and PWM can operate simultaneously for seamless user control.
With the CRSF protocol, TBS Crossfire needs to bind to the BLACKSHEEP receiver.
Standard receiver R9DS packed is the receiver with SBUS and PWM signal output.
AT9S Pro is also compatible with R6DSM, R6DS, R12DSM, and R12DS receivers of RadioLink.
Compatible receivers cover a wide range of aircraft to meet the most demanding applications of customers.

Mini Receiver Support

AT9S Pro is compatible with the 12 channels receiver R12DSM, which supports SBUS or PPM signal output, detachable antennas.
R12DSM, with a super-lightweight of 2.5g and a small size of 30*15mm, is tiny enough even for a mini racing drone.
3400 meters control distance enables all possible RC fun.

Real-time Built-In Telemetry*

Real-time model data allows users to receive crucial information on the display of AT9S Pro.

When receiver R12DS or R9DS paired with telemetery module PRM-01, the model voltage will display.
*Only R12DS/R9DS(Old version receiver R10D/R10DS/R9D) support the telemetry function.

PRM-03, work with R12DS/R9DS and flight controller PIXHAWK/Mini Pix/TURBO PiX/APM, makes AT9S Pro telemetry the model voltage, speed, climb, throttle, longitude, latitude, altitude, GPS, RSSI, flight mode, yaw, roll, pitch, and distance data come true.

Multiple Language Menu

Optional language menu available including Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Russian and Korean.

High Quality Components and Efficient Circuit Design Ensures Maximum Precision

All-new 4096 IC circuit minimizes servo jitter.
Optimal PCB layout design and the same potentiometer of FUTABA produce a very stable signal output, that maximum PWM jitter is 1.84us with a standard of just 0.5us, which is critical to precision flying.

Anti-polarity Connect Protection

The voltage protection software technology of RadioLink ensures both the transmitter and receiver are protected from a reverse polarity connection.
Industry-standard JST connector makes AT9S Pro is adapt for various battery layouts, 8pcs AA battery, a 2S-4S LiPo or 18650 Lithium battery.
When a TBS Crossfire is connected, the maximum 3S LiPo battery is supported.
The new power supply circuit provides longer battery life, 12 hours of fun with a 1800mAh 3S LiPo or 18650 Lithium battery.
Pay attention: if you use a 18650 Lithium to power for AT9S Pro, please make sure the 18650 Lithium is with a JST connector and the dimension of the battery case is 116*36*32mm(L*W*H=4.57"*1.42"*1.26")

Programmable Mix Control

Easy to understand graph view for parameter setting.
All twelve channels can be programmed to any advanced setting*.
An Airbrake function can set by using pre-programmed mixes.
Multi mix such as aileron mix with elevator or flap mix with aileron for Fixed Wings or V-Shaped tail models.

Multiple Alarms

Configurable sound, message, vibration alarms signal potential problems such as low RSSI value, low model voltage, low receiver voltage, or low transmitter voltage.

USB Online Upgrade

AT9S Pro is easy to update to the latest firmware with a USB cable and a computer.

Simulator Ready

AT9S Pro includes a simulator interface feature that compatible with the majority of aircraft simulator software packages*.
While in simulator mode, the RF of AT9S Pro can turn off to save battery power.
The simulator port (at the back of AT9S Pro) is not only capable of communication with the simulator but also with the Wireless Trainer Link*.

AT9S Pro Packing List

Hook and Spring*1
User Manual*1
Packing Box*1

AT9S Pro Specifications

Dimension: 183*100*193mm(7.2”*3.9”*7.6”)
Battery Case Dimension: 116*36*32mm(L*W*H=4.57"*1.42"*1.26")
Weight: 0.88kg  
Frequencies Band: 2.4GHz ISM(2400MHz~2483.5MHz?
Modulation Mode: QPSK
Bandwidth: 5.0MHz  
Spread Spectrum Mode: DSSS&FHSS/CRSF
ACPR: >38dbm
Transmission Power: ? DSSS&FHSS: <100mW(20dbm) - ? CRSF: 10mW/25mW/100mW/500mW/1W/2W(Optional)
Operating Current: ? DSSS&FHSS: < 90mA@12V - ? CRSF: Depends on the transmission power selected
Operating Voltage: 7.4-18.0V(8pcs AA battery, a 2S-4S LiPo or 18650 Lithiumbattery)
Control Range: ? DSSS&FHSS: 3400 meters in the air(Maximum range is tested in an unobstructed area free of interference) - ? CRSF: Depends on the RX and TX from BLACKSHEEP
Channel Quantity: 10/12 (all twelve channels can be programmed)
Signal Output: PWM/SBUS/PPM/CRSF
Compatible receivers: 12CH - R12DSM, R12DS; 10CH- R9DS(Std), R6DS, R6DSM; CRSF: RX from BLACKSHEEP
Adaptable Models: Rotary Wing/Fixed-wing/Glider/Multicopter/Car/Boat/Robot
Simulator Mode: Yes, with the radio frequency off to save battery power
Screen: 2.8 inches 16 colorful screens, 240*320 pixels
Storage Model Quantity: 15
Operating Temperature? -20° to 85° C (-4° to 185° F)

R9DS Specifications

Dimension: 43*24*15mm (1.69"*0.94"*0.59")
Weight: 10.5g (0.37oz)
Antenna Length: 5.71"
Channels Quantity: 9 channels for PWM signal output; 10 channels for SBUS&PWM signal output.
Signals: SBUS&PWM
Operating Voltage: 3.6-12V
Operating Current: 38-45mA@5V
Section Precision: 4096, 0.25us per section
Control distance: 3400 meters in the air, maximum range tested in unobstructed areas free of interference and may vary depending on local regulations.
Compatible with extended telemetry module: Connect PRM-01 for model voltage telemetry. Connect PRM-03 and flight controller crossflight, PIXHAWK, Mini Pix, and TURBO PiX, APM for OSD information telemetry
Compatible transmitter: AT10II/AT10/AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9



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