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Axi Gold Line - 2814-22 Special MultiRotors w/long wires


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Special version AXi 2814 Gold brushless motor including prop adaptor. With short-shaft and 700mm cables, taking the work out of rigging up your multi-rotor 'copter and especially suitable for the Droidworx heavy-lift frames.

The AXi 2814/22 from Model Motors is a replacement for the MK3538 brushless motors offering improved performance and with the legendary AXi reliability and manufacturing accuracy. The 2814/22 has 14 poles.

The existing radial mount sets are still compatible with AXi 2814/22 motors, but since the entire radial mounting set is not required, we now include the radial shaft and fixing screws, to save you from buying the entire radial mount separately.

On 4s Li-Po batteries with 13"x6.5" propellers, this motor generates approximately 650g of thrust at 4.8A. This equates to a very efficient hover!

Includes radial shaft for propeller mounting (6mm).

Motor mounting screws are not included.


Technical Details For AXi 2814/22 Heavy-Lift

No. of cells (LiPo)   3-6
RPM/V   765 Kv
Max. Efficiency   85%
No load current   0.5A
Maximum Load   25.0A
Internal Resistance   0.168?
Diameter   35.00mm (1.38")
Length   37.00mm (1.46")
Shaft Diameter   4.00mm (0.16")
Max. Efficiency Current   8-19A
Glow Equivalent   N/A
Weight   106.0g (3.7oz.)


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