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Topmodel Electric Outrunner Brushless Motor XPower XC3522/5 LS


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Especially designed to fit in sailplane long nose fuselage (long shaft).

XPower XC3522/5 LS


  • Recommended number of cells: 6-10 ou 2-3 LiPo
  • KV: 1000
  • Max current: 50,0A
  • Internal resistance: 27mOhm
  • Dimensions: Ø35x48 (78)mm
  • Shaft diameter: 5mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • Recommended prop: 14x8"


  • Prop: XPower repliable 14x8" #099FB1408 avec porte-pales spécial #099H200805
  • Controller: XPower XREG60
  • Battery: XPower Xtreme 2600mAh 11,1V
  • RPM: 8200 t/mn
  • Current: 46A
  • Thrust: 2.03kg

Recommended controller: XPower XREG60

For model like: G-103 2.74m, etc.

Delivered complete with 3,5 gold connectors, radial mount and long shaft.


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