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Graupner ESC Brushless GM-GENIUS 90R PRO V2, Integrated Telemetry View larger

Graupner ESC Brushless GM-GENIUS 90R PRO V2, Integrated Telemetry


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For 1:10 model cars and boats, crawlers. Suitable for operation both with and without sensors.
Simple synchronisation of transmission paths. Extremely precise throttle response; programming is child's play with the assistance of telemetry with the X-8N transmitter # S1018.

Adjustable parameters:
  • Brushless or brushed motor for operation with or without sensors
  • Battery type can be selected from the following: LiFe, LiPo, NiMH/NiCd
  • Cut-off voltage can be set in increments of 0.1 V: Automatic or 3.0 ... 6.5 V
  • Adjustable power curve: soft, linear, hard
  • Zero-timing mode
  • High-speed timing mode
  • Acceleration (soft gas) adjustable in 5 steps
  • Take-off power adjustable in 5 steps
  • Take-off current limitation adjustable from 0 ... 100% and OFF
  • Current limitation adjustable from 0 ... 100% and OFF
  • Modes: forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse
  • Two different reverse modes for all applications
  • 1. Time delay for reverse gear 0.2 s ... 2.5 s
  • 2. Reverse running with prior braking function
  • Width of the neutral point adjustable in 3 steps
  • ABS braking adjustable in 5 steps or OFF
  • Automatic braking adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps. Therefore ideal for crawlers
  • Minimum brake adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Maximum brake adjustable from 0 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Maximum reverse travel adjustable from 20 ... 100% in 1% steps
  • Number of magnetic poles can be adjusted from 2 ... 20; gear reduction ratio can also be adjusted
  • Tyre diameter can be adjusted
  • Ignition suppression: yes
  • For 2 poles motors maximum 210.000 rpm
Ideal for DMC Standard Regulations Off-Road 2014:
  • Thanks to adjustable current limitation and the turbo function, the current can be adjusted to the optimum setting for the new DMC standard rules for off-road classes. This provides an easy and reliable way of avoiding the prescribed fuse blowing.
On the HoTT telemetry displayable parameters:
  • Current Input Voltage
  • Current temperature
  • Maximum temperature
  • Maximum current
  • Max speed
  • Average speed
  • Error display

Technical information

Battery plug connection: Cable
Operating voltage neutral [V] : 3,7 - 7,4
Width [mm]: 32
Brushless: Yes
Max. continous current [A]: 90
EMK brake: programmable
Height [mm]: 21
Overall length [mm]: 39
Max. continous current [A]: 90
Recommended motor : >=5,5
Soft start : programmable
Type: BEC
Cell count, LiPo, Lilo, LiFe: 1 - 2
Cell count NiMH: 6



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