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Aero-naut Triple Thermic Glider


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Leisurely soaring in a thermal, high-starting with a bungee, taking part in a RES competition or aerobatics – all this is possible with „Triple“. This completely new concept combines an attractive V-tail fuselage (kit includes option for E-power) with three different wings. Each wing connects to the same fuselage. Powerful magnets hold the wings in place and let you change the setup easily and quickly out in the field without tools.

Triple speed has a wing-span of 178 cm, single dihedral and long ailerons. The wing section has a straight underside, is easy to build and also ideal for aerobatics and a respectable top speed.

Triple r.e.s has a wing-span of 199 cm and a more pronounced dihedral than „Triple thermic“. Radio control is rudder, elevator and spoilers only as required by RES regulations.

Triple thermic has a wing-span of 255 cm and is equipped with ailerons and spoilers. The wing section is optimized for thermal soaring and provides excellent flying characteristics and performance.

The sleek glider fuselage offers very good aerodynamic characteristics. The fuselage for E-power has a wider nose to accept a 28-mm-outrunner and offers room for a 3s-LiPo with a capacity of 2.500 mAh. Both versions have a removable canopy secured by magnets and a removable cover on the belly of the fuselage which gives access to the V-tail servos.
All three versions of the Triple are all-wood designs, putting an emphasis on model building which has a long tradition at aero-naut. The fuselage is built up of balsa and light-ply, a well thought-out concept ensures a rapid building process and makes mistakes almost impossible. The V-tail consists of precisely laser-cut parts and uses a special jig for good results. The wings use conventional ribs and spars, and just require a flat building board for construction. The trailing edges are built-up components and combine low weight with good strength.

Even those who want to give model building a try will succeed with Triple and can build their own individual glider or electric glider in a short period of time. Flying characteristics are excellent and make sure that even beginners or less experienced pilots will have fun. Clubs will find this model  even an attractive project for younger members, who still learn how to build and fly.

The kit includes all laser-cut wood parts required to build the model, spruce spars, control linkage parts and snakes, small parts bag. Detailed building instructions with step-by-step graphics and text will answer all your questions.

Suitable components for electric version

Motor - Ø 28 mm, from ca. 150 Watt

Battery - 3s Lipo to ca. 2000 mAh
              perfectly fit batteries with dimensions up to ca. 80 x 35 x 25mm

ESC - ca. 20A

CAMcarbon folding propeller - 9x5“-12x7“ depending on choice of motor

CN-Spinner Ø 30 mm incl. yoke - ref No. AN7259-03 (Motor shaft 3,17 mm)
                                                      ref No. AN7259-04 (Motor shaft 4,00 mm)


CN-Spinner Ø 33 mm - ref No. AN7259-23 (Motor shaft 3,17 mm)
                                     ref No. AN7259-24 (Motor shaft 4,00 mm)
Yoke 38 mm - ref No. AN7242-21

Servo - size up to 11,5mm for ailerons
             size up to 10mm for airbrakes (R.E.S. and thermic)


Wingspan [mm] - 2550
Length [mm] - 1220
Wing area [dm²] - 47
Weight [g] - 580

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