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Zenoah Titan ZG 45PCI-HV with Rubber Spark Plug Cap Microprocessor-Ignition


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Titan ZG 45PCI-HV

  • For aerobatic models of about 2 m span, many scale and fun fly models, the ZG 45 is the answer. It has not only the outward appearances of the Titan ZG 62.
  • The ignition and propeller hub is identical.
  • The crankshaft is also 15 mm diameter which is for this size of engine very robust.
  • Exhaust and inlet is angled to stroke for optimum gas flow. The very light aluminium crankcase was specially developed for us by Zenoah.
  • The ZG45PCI-HV is 200g lighter in weight than the ZG 62SL and has markedly smaller dimensions.

The popularity of the ZG 62 has remained constant over the years. No other model aircraft petrol-engine has come anywhere near the sales volume of this superb engine. Many modellers do not want such large models, but they wish to have a slightly smaller engine with the same reliable qualities of the ZG 62.

The Super Silence Carbon Propellers used for aerobatic models have proved to be especially quiet and at the same time having a very efficient performance. Using our stainless steel silencers the 19x11", 20x10", 20x11" 20x12" Super Silence Carbon three blade propeller and the 21x12"or 22x10" two blader are best. With a tuned pipe use the 20x12" three blade or the 22x12" Super Silence Carbon two blade prop.

Very suitable but not so quiet is the 20x10" Menz S wood propeller. Our Piper flies very well with a 20x10" or a 21x10" Menz S. But for maximum thrust a 21x8" Menz S is perfect.

To achieve the quietest possible noise level in flight and at the same time high power, use our Hydro- Mount-System, the stainless silencer, intake air drawn from the fuselage and a Super Silence Carbon Propeller that limits the rpm to 6400 - 7000.

The ZG 45PCI-HV is delivered complete with silencer, fitted with 40 mm prop hub, but without motormount.


  • Capacity: 45 cc
  • Bore: 43 mm
  • Stroke: 31 mm
  • Power:      
  • with tuned pipe: 4.6 hp
  • without silencer: 3.9 hp
  • standard silencer: 3.5 hp
  • Weight: 1690g without silencer

Product weight: 2,65 Kg

Five-year warranty motor



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