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Rapid progress in electric model power technology now allows us to offer the Rafale in a version with retractable undercarriage. In this form it is now capable of ground take-off from level, closely mown grass strips as well as from hard surfaces. The net result with this twin-engined aircraft is much greater scale fidelity both on the ground and in the air. A matching 3-part pneumatic retractable undercarriage with steerable nosewheel is available as an accessory set (Order No. AN7358-52). The update is completed by a new fuselage, moulded in Kevlar fibre for extremely low weight; it offers maximum strength and contributes to the Rafale?s phenomenal flight performance. All formers required for the retract system installation are pre-cut using CAD data, and are supplied in the set.

The key factor in making this new version feasible is a completely new power system concept. The previous system consisted of two relatively small ducted fans, which are now replaced by a single, highly efficient 120 mm impeller unit. This all-carbon electric fan is a completely new development, and generates up to 40 N static thrust with a suitable motor. The single motor and fan mean that the overall cost is lower than the previous arrangement, even when power system components of the highest possible quality are employed.

The recommended power plants are the Kontronik Tango 45-08 with LiPo 8 cells, or the Tango 45-07 with 8/10 cells. With either motor the fan system spins at 39,000 rpm and produces a thrust of around 44 N at an input power of approximately 1950 W. As was the case with the original twin-fan Rafale, the two-part fuselage makes it easy to install and maintain the impeller system. The kit includes finished, accurately made GRP bifurcated pipes of refined aerodynamic form which are responsible for the efficient flow of air from the intakes to the fan unit, and from the fan to the divided efflux.


  • Wing loading [g/dm²] - 78
  • Weight [g] - 3200
  • Length [mm] - 940
  • Wingspan [mm] - 1340
  • Wing area [dm²] - 41
  • RC functions - elevator, ailerons, rudder, motor control



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