Aero-naut Rotor 8mm TurboFan 4000 (EDF)


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Brushless motors and Lithium battery technology have helped to develop electric power into a straightforward, manageable power technology which bears direct comparison with internal-combustion motors. This has been particularly useful in the highly demanding world of model jets. Our response to these developments is a new electric ducted fan (EDF) unit in the form of the Turbofan 4000, which offers high performance and extremely high-quality carbon construction. With a rotor diameter of around 120 mm the impeller generates a static thrust of up to 40 N, making it an excellent choice for scale model jets with retracts, such as our Rafale C. The carbon fibre fan unit itself weighs only about 120 g. It is based on an individually tested, dynamically balanced rotor which is attached to the 8 mm motor shaft by means of a split collet. The fan unit is suitable for motors with a diameter of up to 56 mm.

(8mm motor shaft)



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