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The original    
Even if it isn't immediately apparent: the F9F Panther is one of the classic jet classics. It was designed as the first jet work at Grumman in 1945. The Panther followed in the footsteps of such famous cats as the Hellcat and Bearcat. The first flight took place in November 1947. The F9F received its baptism of fire in the Korean War, where it served primarily as a ground attack fighter. The opponent at the time was the Soviet classic MIG 15. Since the Panther could operate from both land bases and ships, it was flown by both the US Navy and the Marines. The typical characteristics of the Panther F9F include a round fuselage cross-section, the flowing shapes of the jet and the unswept wings with very elegant tip tanks at the wing ends.

Our model
The revision of the popular impeller model comes with a new construction and drive concept.
The Panther has a white-colored GRP fuselage, the wings and horizontal stabilizer are ribbed and covered with plywood to ensure the required strength and high surface quality.
The wings and horizontal stabilizer are built on the slipway typical of aero-naut models; construction is quick and uncomplicated. The detailed construction instructions show and describe the individual construction steps and leave no question unanswered. However, building and, above all, flying the Panther requires experience with fast RC models.
The surfaces are pluggable, but can also be firmly glued to the fuselage due to the model's compact dimensions.

Our model, the Grumman F9F Panther, is a compact jet model powered by electric fans. It is designed for WeMoTec's Mini-Fan evo, an impeller with a diameter of 69 mm. With a suitable choice of drive, a thrust/weight ratio of approximately 1:1 is possible.
The inlet channels are made of GRP and are already installed in the fuselage; they just need to be connected to the impeller used.
Although landing gear is not required for takeoff and landing, installation of retractable landing gear would be possible at one's discretion. However, starting with a rubber slide delivers excellent results.

There are many templates from originals for painting the model.

The kit contains:

GfK fuselage and Gfk tail fin, laser parts for building the wings and horizontal stabilizer, GfK tip tanks, installation parts adapted to 69 mm impellers, deep-drawn parts for cockpit expansion, RC installation aids (battery slide, etc.) various small parts, detailed construction instructions included 3D drawings.


Normal drive:

Impeller - evo/HET 2W20 (WeMoTec)
Matching nozzle - MF D28 (WeMoTec)
Regulator - actrocon 60A
battery pack - 4S LiPo, 2,400 to 3,000 mAh
thrust - 1.3 kp

Power drive:

Impeller - evo/HET 2W27 (WeMoTec)
Matching nozzle - MF D28 (WeMoTec)
battery pack - 6S LiPo, 3,000 to 4,000 mAh
Regulator - JETI SPIN 100 Pro
thrust - 1.8 kp

Technical data

Wingspan [mm] - 1,090
Length [mm] - 1,090
Flight weight [g] - 1,800 - 2,200
Area [dm²] - 17.4
Surface loading [g/dm²] - from 103
RC functions - altitude, aileron, flaps, engine

Recommended servos

1×AN-10L-MGBDD for elevator - AN7003-73
2×AN-8-MGBDD for ailerons - AN7003-71
2×AN-8-MGBDD for landing flaps - AN7003-71



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