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Graupner ESC Brushless ULTRA 20A BL HELI with SBEC XT-30


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The flight controller with SBEC
Model aircraft requiring a receiver power supply. The ULTRA 20 A SBEC combines compact design, low weight, fast response times and flight model optimized settings.
Updates for multicopters and helicopters also with governor are available.

The Ultra controller has installed the open source BLHeli Main software in version 14.x. The controller can of course also be flipped to BL Heli MULTI or TAIL. The flight controller is the only open source electronic speed control that uses the modern 50 MHz Silabs processors and can be set and updated with the Graupner Updatekable 7168.6, and a voltage divider (0.109) for voltage measurement with the intended receivers, e.g. 33576, 33577 or Copter Flight Controls (eg Betaflight setting: 92). The processor has twice the clock rate of its predecessors. This guarantees higher maximum speeds and precise timing at high speeds.
The power amplifier is located in a 5 x 6 DFN package. The field effect transistors (FET) have an extremely low internal resistance. Special FET drivers provide a more effective active freewheel and better cooling of the power amplifier.
The special capacitors used allow for very fast start-up times and guarantee high operational safety.
The regulator paths are already optimized for the Graupner receivers.
The speed limit of the ULTRA controller is 400,000 rpm for 2-pole motors.
The SBEC is designed for 3A continuous current and tolerates short-term peak loads of up to 6 small servos.
An additional voltage sensor cable allows voltage measurement and warning with the GR-12, GR-12 SH or GR-12 SH gyro receivers in setting K5: voltage, GR-16 on channel 6 and GR-18 on channel 9. This feature is Absolutely unique in this controller category and allows the timely recognition of a depleted battery, thus protecting your model.


  • Open Source BL Heli Software
  • 50 MHz Silabs Processor
  • High DFN 5x6 FET amplifiers
  • Operates with 2S – 4S LiPo
  • Special FET Driver
  • Ceramic Capacitors
  • Programming and firmware updates with BL-Heli software
  • Telemetry readout of main battery pack voltage
  • XT-30 Connector
  • 2 mm motor connectors
  • voltage messurement with Falcon 12, GR-12, GR-16 and GR-18


Battery plug connection: XT-30
BEC [V / A]: 5,3/3
Operating voltage(V) language dependent: 7,4 - 15,2
Width [mm]: 19
Brushless: Yes
Max. continous current [A]: 20
Weight [g]: 20
Weight incl. leads [g]: 20
Height [mm]: 8
Overall length [mm]: 50
Max. continous current [A]: 20
Pulse frequency [kHz]: 24
Type: SBEC
Cell count, LiPo, Lilo, LiFe: 2-4S



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