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Futaba BLS251 Standard Brushless Digital Tail Servo


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Suitable for Helicopter
Servo Type Digital
Torque + 3 - 5 Kg
Gear Metal

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This is the Futaba BLS251 Brushless Digital Heli Rudder Servo. BLS251 is designed specifically for helicopter rudder operation.


Equipped with a Brushless motor that lasts longer and operates at a lower temperature than Brushed motors
Compatible with gyros that use a narrow 760 pulse width
Samarium Cobalt magnets and dual ball bearings
Same power consumption and centering as Digital servos equipped with Brushed motors
Standard size


Futaba BLS251 Brushless Digital Heli Rudder Servo , with accessories


Torque @ 4.8V: 47 oz-in / Speed @ 4.8V: 0.06 sec / 60 degree Dimensions: 40.0 x 20.0 x 36.8mm (1.6 x .8 x 1.5" )

Supplied as standard with the superb GY611 gyro, the BLS251 is a dedicated ultra high performance tail rotor servo, which is also compatible with the GY601 gyro.

• Futaba brushless servos offer greatly improved response time over other servos.
• Significantly increased life span. Futaba brushless servo motors will last more than five times longer
than servos that include brushed motors!
• Lower operating temperatures. As there aren’t any brushes on the motor armature, no sparks are produced when the servo motor is in operation.
• Thanks to the motor design, the outer coils act as a heatsink dissipating any heat that does occur. As an added benefit, Futaba is able to increase the torque and speed of these servos without increasing case dimensions.
• Vibration & Shock. Unlike servos that used brushed motors, the brushless servos from Futaba are less susceptible to the effects of vibration and/or shock.
• Additionally, the inertia of standard motors also facilitates the effects of vibration on the servo’s performance. By eliminating this inertia in a brushless servo, Futaba has reduced this possibility.
• Power consumption. Brushless servos consume approximately the same amount of power as their digital counterparts.
• Centering. Centering is the same as it is with the digital servos. The dead band is also equal to the digitals.

• Increased resolution for smoother operation.
• New gear treatment and materials for added endurance and longevity.
• Samarium Cobalt magnets for better performance and increased holding power.
• Dual ball bearings.

N.B. This servo must be used with a high frequency gyro.


Weight: 49g
Size: 40x20x36.8mm
Speed: 0.06s
Torque: 3.8kg
Voltage: 4.8v



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