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New R & G Epoxy Resin L + Hardener L (90 min) 895g View larger

R & G Epoxy Resin L + Hardener L (90 min) 895g


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Epoxy Resin L + Hardener EPH 161 (90 minutes), set of two components

New hardener formulation with improved properties (see below under Additional Information "Comparative Data "*)

  • Free from DETA
  • Low viscosity, free of solvents and fillers
  • Fast impregnation of glass, aramid and carbon fibres
  • Tack-free curing of even the thinnest layers
  • High static and dynamic strength*
  • Better milling edge quality
  • Increased heat distortion temperature after heat curing

*Higher stiffness (+ approx. 17 %), tendency higher strength

Processing at room temperature. An optional heat hardening of 15 h at 100° C further improves the strength values and heat distortion temperature considerably.

Epoxy resin L, together with Hardener EPH 161, exhibits excellent mechanical properties as required, for example, in aircraft construction. However, aviation approval is not given.

TÜV-Süd has tested the system in various laminate structures and determined its suitability for vehicle construction (see below under Additional Information "TÜV Report").

Processing time: 90 minutes (100 g / 20 °C)

Mixing ratio:
100 : 25 parts by weight Epoxy Resin L : Hardener EPH 161
100 : 29 parts by volume Epoxy Resin L : Hardener EPH 161

Curing time: 24 hours at room temperature, subsequent warm curing optional
Heat distortion temperature: Approx. 70 °C at 23 °C (up to a maximum of 120 °C with additional 15 h heat curing at 100 °C)

715 g Resin L + 180 g Hardener EPH 161


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