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LENTUS - the most powerful ELAPOR glider model of all time!

The Lentus is the latest development from MULTIPLEX. The model is designed as a club glider with an emphasis on thermal and slope flying.
We have implemented a lot of innovative ideas in the Lentus again. The already built RR basic version of the model has a powerful ROXXY brushless motor for 3S-2600 batteries and is equipped as standard with 6 Hitec HS-65HB servos for elevator and rudder, ailerons and flaps. By installing the optionally available retractable landing gear, the model is self-launching in connection with a 4S 2600 battery and an 8x6 “propeller.
As a further option, it is possible to activate the prepared tow coupling by installing a Hitec HS-65HB servo, despite the built-in electric motor and chassis!
This option offers maximum flight fun, making the Lentus the safest model for learning to fly, as it can be released immediately in a critical situation and the model is safely brought back to the starting point with the electric motor.
Due to the modern profile design, the model achieves a very wide range of performance and allows a dynamic flight style. The 4 flap surfaces allow precise landings (butterfly).

The LENTUS will inspire you.

• Very good-natured circular flight characteristics for safe thermal flying
• Prototype-like appearance of modern gliders
• Clear canopy with a detailed cockpit
• FES option (Front Electric Selflaunch) with optional retractable landing gear, 4S drive (4S 2600) and 8x6 "propeller - this means that the model can be started by itself
• Prepared tow release (can also be used with the electric version)
• TEK- Vario installation prepared (display of airspeed and Vario measurement data)
• Stable, complex wing with double CFRP-ALU composite
spars • Forced insertion of servo contacts with M6 high-current plugs in the wings
• Removable rudder with concave hinges
• Extremely stiff fuselage in M-Space Technology with Ø20mm profile tube
Rudder flaps reinforced with stainless steel tubes
Generous, structured interior for battery, RC and telemetry
• High-quality printed and plotted decor
Landing skid made of sturdy rockfall protection film
• Noseband protection integrated in the decor
• Matching model bag available for protected transport
• Developed and manufactured in Germany


ELAPOR® molded parts for fuselage, tail units, fuselage filler (landing gear), cabin frame, wings with CFRP-ALU double spars, all plastic, small and articulated parts required for assembly, canopy, (transparent smoked glass, milled to shape readyfor assembly) , stable landing protection film, spinner, driver, collet, 4-part. Plotted decor set consisting of design, lettering, nose strip protection, seat instruments and white cover fields, illustrated, 5-spr. A.

Technical specifications

Flight weight
glider in grams: 2400 Model character: Electric glider
models Material: Elapor
Level: 2 Hobby
Wingspan in mm: 3000
RC functions: SR / HR / QR / Spoiler / Motor Flight
weight electric in grams: 2400
Flight time in minutes: 30
Total wing loading g per square meter : 46
Total surface area in qdm: 52.6 Battery
types / cells: 3S LiPo
construction time in min .: 360

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