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Gens Ace 5500mAh 7.6V High Voltage 120C 2S2P Racing Series Shorty Black HardCase


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Capacity More than 5000 Mah
Lipo Cells 2S - 7,4V

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Gens ace 5500mAh 7.6V High Voltage 120C 2S2P Shorty HardCase Lipo Battery 65# fits for both 1:10 off road stock and modified class. Also,This all new 2020 Gens ACE shorty pack is suitable for 1/10 MODIFY off road racing and on road 1/10 F1 class, perfect fits with X RAY?TLR?team associated?Shumarcher? Serpent ,KYOSHO.

The enhanced performance allow you to get longer life cycle, lower IR and better punch for daily racing practice and competition.

Gens ace 5500mAh 7.6V 120C 2S2P HardCase Lipo Battery Specs:

- Capacity: 5500mAh
- Voltage: 2S/7.6V
- Discharge Rate: 120C
- Weight: 220g
- Size: 97*47*25mm

Gens ace 5500mAh 7.6V 120C 2S2P HardCase Lipo Battery Usage:

Gens ace lipo 5500mAh 2S2P 120C lipo battery packs comes with Max Burst Discharge: 120C. It is suitable for 1/10 Modify Off Road, Formula 1 and so on. Such as Suitable for XRAY XB4/XT2/X1, TLR 22, Serpent Spyder/F110, Team Associated B6/F6 etc.


SKU: B-120C-5500-2S2P-HC-65-HV
Article Category: Gens-Car Gens ace
Article No. GA00037
Net Weight (±10g): 219
Brand: Gens ace
Capacity: 5500 mAh
Discharge Rate (C): 120C
Parallel (P): 2
Voltage: 2S (7.6V)
Length (±5mm): 97
Width (±5mm): 47
Thickness(±5mm): 25
Wire Gauge: No
Wire Length (C/D): No
Connector Type: No
Balancer Connector Type: No


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