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Graupner V-Venture V2 RC Electro Model Plane (RTF)


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The V-VENTURE is an first-class entry-level model which impresses with its excellent flight characteristics.
The hobby pilot learns aileron-controlled flying from the very beginning. The attractive model follows the control commands of the pilot exactly in any situation.
Just as important for any beginner is the balanced, quiet flight performance of the V-VENTURE. The powerful pressure screw propulsion system is highly effective; the air stream generated by the propeller flows freely over the V-tail and transports the model eagerly and rapidly into the air.
As the position of the motor is optimised, there is no need for control corrections after shutting down. The harmonious transition from powered to glider flight is automated.
The RTF version of V-VENTURE is equipped with a specially configured MX-10 remote control system; transmitter and receiver are already connected.
The model with remote control has a speed brake function. If an accelerated dive is desired, for example, for a fast dive from a great height, the speed brake function can be activated using the left toggle switch of the MX-10 transmitter. Both ailerons tilt upwards; at the same time, via a mixer in the GR-12 HoTT receiver, the otherwise usual upward tilt of the model is compensated for automatically by exactly controlled elevator deflection. For instance, during the landing, this means that the pilot can concentrate fully on direction control. Steerability is fully retained during braking.

  • Super flight performance
  • Pure engine running time approx. 20 minutes
  • Attractive HoTT design
  • Optimal aerodynamics
  • Art Airworthy
  • Weight-optimized construction
  • Ailerons as standard
  • Transmitter bound to receiver
  • Highly effective pneumatic screw drive
  • No glueing required
  • Spare parts available separately
  • Practical packaging box
Package content Order No. 9910.RTF
  • Finished model made of Graupner SJ SOLIDPOR® hard foam, separable air foil with CFRP strut. Finished fuselage with installed V-tail and removable cockpit canopy.
  • COMPACT 260Z motor set 7.4 V including BRUSHLESS CONTROL 18 and SLOWFLY PROP 16 x 8 cm installed ready for operation. 2 x aileron servos DES 261 BB, 1 x elevator servo DES 281 BB MG. Includes configured MX-10 remote control with specially programmed GR-12 HoTT receiver. Includes LiPo battery 2/2200 7.4 V/2200 mAh and charger. Decals applied/painted. Detailed operating manual containing extensive tips for initial flights.

Technical information

  • Drive: Electric
  • Wing loading [g / dm2]: 20,6
  • Total surface area [dm2] : 26,7
  • Weight [g]: 550
  • Tailplane area [dm2]: 5,0
  • Tailplane section: NACA 009
  • Overall length [mm]: 860
  • Wingspan [mm]: 1350
  • Wing area [dm2]: 21,7
  • Wing section : HQ 3,0/12
  • Version: RTF

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