Sebart Macchi MC72 Idrocorsa 50 Class SCALE (Red/Gold Version)


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The real plane

The Macchi Castoldi MC-72 flew to become the fastest propeller driven sea plane ever on October 23, 1933, with the still standing record speed of 709.2 km/h ( 440.68 mph.)
In 1928 Macchi Aeronautica start work with G. Diliberto and M. Castoldi on the Macchi Castoldi MC-72, at that date the most revolutionary project for a Schneider Cup racer and world record achiever.
The MC-72 incorporated a twin engine design, two Fiat V-12 engines linked together one behind the other, powering two counter-rotating propellers. An arrangement that worked surprisingly well, because this design advantage is that counter-rotating propellers balance the effects of torque, making easier the control of the plane in every flight condition.
The aircraft could be a hand full for novice pilots and more experienced pilots praised the MC-72 for its speed, responsiveness, and directional stability. The Macchi Castoldi MC-72 remains a winner to this date.

The model

The MC-72 50E ARTF scale, was designed by the 13 times Italian Champion Sebastiano Silvestri, vice-European Champion and F.A.I World Cup winner F3A.
This professional ARTF kit is the result of Sebastiano’s long research, experience in F3A and his passion for scale planes. This combined with an  extremely light weight structure and with many small aerodinamical tricks give the MC-72 50E an impressive precision and easy control at any airspeed and flight condition.
The MC-72 50E can do it all... it can start and land very easy on water as on ground with grass surface, thanks to the small wheels on floater’s bottom. It is ready for any pattern manouvers as for unbelievable easy knifeedge flights, loops,
rolling circles, negative flat spins... and almost anything else you can dream up from a sea plane are waiting you!


Wing Span: 152 cm
Length: 140 cm
Wing Area: 40 dm2
Weight: 2.900g. RTF less battery
Radio: 5-Channel with 2 standard + 2 low profile servos

Required radio, motor and battery Radio equipment:

• Minimum 5-channel radio system
• 2 standard + 2 low profile servos (JR PROPO DS8301 and DS9511)
• 2 servo extension 100mm, for aileron’s servos 





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