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Thunder Tiger Victoria Sailing Yacht Version 2017 Kit


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America´s-Cup Renn-Yacht Victoria

The Victoria R/C Sailing Yacht allows you to enjoy the simply pleasure of sailing on gentle summer breezes on a sunny afternoon....or the intensity of racing in the America's Cup. Ideal for the first-time skipper or beginning R/C enthusiast, the Victoria is a highly prefabricated, easy-to-assemble kit with detailed instruction manual. Recognized by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as a racing class, Thunder Tiger's Victoria has become synonymous with maximum yachting pleasure.

The Victoria is a replica of a racing yacht from the America's Cup. The boat hull is made of one piece. Furthermore, all necessary parts such as sails, mast, rudder, hardware and boat stands are included.
The shapely model is challenging in construction and also in sailing and requires experience in sailing boat construction.
However, after successful assembly you will be rewarded with a top model, which is well located in the wind.
The many details characterize the model and also leave enough room for your own ideas like crew or lighting

Product features

  • High-quality kit for experienced sailors
  • The model impresses with its details
  • Very good sailability, for beginners and professionals of sailing
  • Quality One-Piece ABS HulI/Deck
  • Factory Painted & Low Drag Hydrodynamic Ballast
  • Light & Strong Anodized Mast & Boom
  • High Performance Plus Tear Resist Racing Sails
  • Removable Mast/Sails Design For Easy Transport
  • New Shell  Painting  Design 
  • Wood Display Stand Included

Package content

  • One-piece ABS hull
  • Tear-resistant High Performance Plus sail
  • Hydrodynamic steel ballast with low flow resistance
  • Lightweight & sturdy aluminum masts & booms
  • Detachable sails & masts for easy transport
  • Incl. Wooden display stands

Recommended accessories

  • Remote control mz-12 (GR1002.12.DE)
  • Servo DES 806 2x (GR7952)
  • Battery (GR2495.4F or GR2495.4)
  • Charging cable (GR3021)
  • Battery Charger Ultramat 14 (GR6464)

Technical information

Overall length [mm]: 779mm
Mast size above deck [mm]: 1086mm
Sail Area: 28.6dm^2
Beam: 197mm
Weight: 2.1Kg

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