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MaxPro Digit 100 Touch Screen AC/DC Charger


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Charger touch screen for easy and intuitive use. All battery information we have on the screen, which will give us the status cell internal resistance, voltaje, etc during loading or unloading of the battery.

Measuring the internal resistance of batteries

Touch screen for easy use

Adjust the limit cell loading and unloading


AC input voltage: 100-240V
DC input voltage: 11-18V
load output power: 100W max.
range of supported output amperage load: 0.1A - 10A
Output at Download 10W max.
range of supported output amperage download: 0.1A - 5.0A
Holding current: 400 mAh / cell
Number of LiPo / LiFe / LiLo: 1-6S
Number of NiMH cells: 1-15 items
Voltage admitted for lead: 2-20V
Weight: 481g
Dimensions: 122x139x53mm

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